Entrance on SE 38th St

3814 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202

Many Roads Martial Arts Center is located in the Powell retail center at SE Powell and Cesar E Chavez (the one with T-Mobile and Petco) but does not have an entrance from the main parking plaza. To access Many Roads Martial Arts Center you can park in the main plaza lot and then walk around the building to find the entrance on SE 38th. You can also park in the residential area near SE 38th Ave.

Formerly Portland Shaolin Center, Many Roads Martial Arts Center focuses on providing interesting and challenging martial arts training in a safe environment to help students learn in a sustainable way.

The instructors at Many Roads Martial Arts Center are volunteers who are truly passionate about martial arts and enjoy sharing that passion with students. Thanks to our generous instructors we are able to offer multiple styles including Shaolin Kung Fu, Northern Seven Star Preying Mantis, Kali, Chen T’ai Chi, Yang T’ai Chi, and Sun T’ai Chi. We believe that having access to and practicing multiple styles can help students grow and discover what sparks their interest.

At Many Roads Martial Arts Center we ask that students come to class ready to work hard, focus, and learn with an open mind. We expect our instructors to be supportive, helpful, and knowledgeable. From everyone who enters the center we ask them to be respectful and supportive of others. We encourage an environment of curiosity and personalized growth to help all students progress in a way that is sustainable and healthy. We understand everyone practices martial arts for different reasons and work hard to respect that. It is important to us to provide students and instructors with the tools they need to help them continue their journey no matter where they are starting from or where they are going.

We offer a free trial week of classes so all potential students can see for themselves if Many Roads Martial Arts is the right school for them. Stop by to check out the school in person today.



Mondays 6pm – 9pm
Tuesdays 9:30am –11am; 6pm – 9pm
Wednesdays 6pm – 9pm
Thursdays 6pm – 9pm
Fridays 7:30am –11am
Saturdays 9am – 1:30pm
Sundays 8am – 3pm