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Pure Animal Experience with Scott Phillips - Part 2

  • Many Roads Martial Arts Center 3814 Southeast Powell Boulevard Portland, OR, 97202 United States (map)

This workshop is not just about transcending the fear of death, but also about creating beauty along the way—which is the primary purpose of internal martial arts, should you accept the challenge.

In this workshop you will unpack the Total Dragon-Body Experience through games and other types of joyful intensity. By de-focusing your practice, you will improve the speed at which you learn.

Then, re-Focusing on basic movements, you will discover the source of Tiger-Pouncing spirit, power, and instinct. This marriage of Dragon-body with Tiger-Pouncing is the root of internal martial arts.

But animal movement is not an end unto itself, it is a door way to spontaneity. By first mobilizing the areas of your body which are too quiet, you will remove the obstacles to whole-body power, and reveal the pathways to maximum speed and efficiency.

This work re-Enchants the martial arts through connecting you to its authentic origins. In this workshop, you will become pure animal. 

Scott Park Phillips is the author of Possible Origins, A Cultural History of Chinese Martial Arts, Theater and Religion (2016). He lives in Colorado, where he mixes martial arts with improvisational theater, dance ethnology, and Daoist studies in the teaching of children and adults. He is current finishing a book on the role of Zhang Sanfeng, Nezha and the Golden Elixir in martial arts before the Boxer Uprising. Email: