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Yang Style Greet the Sunrise Qi Gong set

  • 3814 Southeast Powell Boulevard Portland, OR, 97202 United States (map)

Sifu Josh Schafer will be teaching the Yang Style Greet the Sunrise Qi Gong set, which is a 15 movement warm up meditation set that accompanies the Yang 108 (Long Form). It can be performed standing or sitting and works all the major muscle groups of breathing as well as incorporating the primary defensive postures and palm changes. This set is easily learned but provides a wonderful degree of challenge and benefit for those who are interested in improving the qi flow through their micro-cosmic orbit. 

$30 for this class or included in $125 fee for weekend seminar.

About Sifu Schafer: Sifu Josh Schafer is a 5th degree black belt and as the direct successor of Master Jon Funk to the Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis system he is also the head instructor of the 7 Star Praying Mantis federation, Vancouver, B.C.. He is a multiple-times international full-contact san shou fighting gold-medalist; is an international tournament forms champion in both weapons and open-hand competition; and has served as the tournament director and weapons-fighting director at the Tiger Balm Internationals for more than 15 years. He is also a passionate student of the praying mantis insect, a scientist in his day-job.