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Community Movie Night
6:00 PM18:00

Community Movie Night

First Movie Night in the NEW Space!

What: Potluck, sparring demonstration, and a movie.

When: Doors open at 6 PM, Point Sparring Demonstration at 6:30 PM and movie starts at 7 PM.

Where: Many Roads Martial Arts Center (3814 Southeast Powell Boulevard)

Who: All instructors, students, friends, and family.

Please bring a dish to share, camp chairs and/or pillows, and blankets to keep warm. The school will provide drinks, utensils, and the movie (top contenders are Shaolin Soccer, Iron Monkey (1993), and Karate Kid (the original))

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2020 Tiger Balm Internationals
to Mar 22

2020 Tiger Balm Internationals

  • Capilano University Sportsplex (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The Tiger Balm Internationals is a martial art tournament with competitors from around the world. There are events for all levels and for many martial arts styles. Sifu Josh Schafer is the tournament director and it is taking place in Vancouver, BC in March.

A continguent of Many Roads instructors and students will be attending to compete in events like traditional kung fu and mantis forms, tai chi forms, Lei Tai sport fighting, point sparring, and tai chi push hands. If none of those events peak your interest the tournament has events in all kinds of sparring including padded weapons and such a wide range of styles it would take forever to list them all. There will also be demonstrations by masters during the tournament.

Check out the official Tiger Balm Internationals website and contact Jenny and David if you are interested in participating or if you just want to come to cheer everyone on and meet martial artists from around the world.

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Demonstration at Lan Su Chinese Gardens
3:00 PM15:00

Demonstration at Lan Su Chinese Gardens

Autumn Moon Festival Demo at Lan Su Chinese Gardens

What: Lan Su Chinese Gardens is celebrating the Autumn Moon Festival and Many Roads has been invited to participate with a martial arts demonstration in the gardens.

When: September 14th at 3 PM. Performers will meet at 2:30 PM.

Where: Lan Su Chinese Gardens (239 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97209)

Who: All instructors and students are invited to participate in the demo.

If you want to participate:

  1. Pick what material you want to demonstrate.

  2. Sign up at the school and/or e-mail Jenny with your pick by August 17th.

  3. Practice, practice, practice.

  4. Come to a couple of rehearsal sessions for the group.

  5. Come to the demo and rock it.

  6. Go grab a drink and a bite to eat to celebrate afterwards (or stay and enjoy the garden festivities).

If you just want to watch:

  1. Mark September 14th on your calendar.

  2. E-mail Jenny for passes to the gardens.

  3. Tell everyone you know about the awesome demo.

  4. Come watch the demo and cheer your instructors and classmates on.

  5. Go grab a drink and a bite to eat to celebrate afterwards (or stay and enjoy the garden festivities).

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Seattle International Martial Arts Championship
8:00 AM08:00

Seattle International Martial Arts Championship

A group of instructors and students are headed up to Seattle to compete in the Seattle International Martial Arts Championship on August 18th. This competition is focused on traditional Chinese martial arts and will have masters and students from around the world. The competition includes:

  • Wushu & Traditional Kung Fu Forms

  • Tai Chi & Push Hands

  • Kung Fu Sparring

  • Kali / Arnis / Eskrima

If you are interested in competing please speak to David B or Jenny. Early bird registration is already open and they encourage competitors to use their online form before August 4th, after Early Bird, registration will be $40 and each additional event will be $35.

If you just want to come and watch to support the school, see some cool martial arts, and meet some new martial artists email Jenny so we can arrange some carpools. Spectator tickets are on sale for $15/person.

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